Rules and Regulation

  1. Behavioural Conduct
    • Students should be in school uniform during school hours within the library premises.
    • Silence will be strictly observed in the library.
    • Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the library.
    • Mobile phones, other electronic gadgets and headphones/earphones are not allowed to be used and must be switched off whilst in the library.
    • Students are not allowed to remove library furniture and equipment from their original place.
    • Handle all library books and equipment with care.
    • All library materials to be taken out of the library must be properly checked out at the Circulation Counter.
    • Students are not allowed to play computer games/mobile phone games/board games/card games in the library.
    • Library personnel may request permission from the Principal/Head of Sri KDU International School to remove library rights for a period of time for students who have been found to have broken the library and/or School rules and regulations.
  2. Loaning and Return
    • All students of Sri KDU International School- Kota Damansara are automatically members of the school library and are allowed to borrow books subject to its limit. All new students are required to register at the Circulation Counter before borrowing any books.
    • To check out a book, go to the Circulation Counter with the book and Smart Card. The Librarian will check the books out to you. The due date is the last date stamped on the date due slip.
    • Return books to the library at the Circulation Counter.
    • Books may be renewed for another one (1) week after the due date as long as it is not on the Reserved List.
    • Overdue books cannot be renewed until the fine is fully paid.
    • Email reminders for overdue books will be automatically sent to students via email
  3. Loss and Damage
    • Student/staff must report the loss of a book(s) immediately. The calculation of the cost for lost books includes:
      1. Current book price
      2. Overdue fines, if any
      3. Processing fees of RM10.00
    • Students/Staff have the option of replacing the same book or another book of the same subject, and pay the processing charges and overdue fines, if any. Replacement copies of books shall be reviewed and approved by the Librarian before it is accepted. The Librarian shall determine the price of the new book if the lost book is out of print or the book offered is rejected.
    • Students/Staff are responsible for books checked out in his/her name. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the books are returned on time and in good condition.
  4. Overdue fines
      Fines are imposed on a daily basis and are cumulative based on the number of days overdue. The overdue fine per day is RM0.10 per book, excluding Sundays and Public Holidays. Students and staff have to pay fines for overdue books and the cost of damage or loss, if any. Students and staff with unpaid fines and/or other charges (due to damaged/lost books) will be barred from borrowing any other books until full payment is made.

Borrowing Privileges
Patron Type Category Limit Loan Period Renewal Fine
SKIS STUDENT 4 Open Shelf - 1 week 1x RM0.10
SKIS STAFF 5 Open Shelf - 2 weeks 1x RM0.10
100 T/Resource—1 year not applicable not applicable
SKIS IB STUDENT 2 Open Shelf—2 weeks 1x RM0.10
3 (IB)Red spot —1 week not applicable RM0.10
2 (IB)Text--T/R —3 month 1x RM0.10
SKIS IB TEACHER 5 Open Shelf - 2 weeks 1x RM0.10
2 (IB)Red spot -- 1 week not applicable RM0.10
25 (IB) Text--T/R -- 1 year 1x not applicable

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